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The journey of

Graphic Airlines

Graphic Airlines Website

Tat and Vi crossed paths while working at a newspaper company. After their day jobs, Tat took the initiative to launch the website Graphic Airlines to showcase his graphic art alongside Vi's drawings.

G.A.'s first novel, published by Graphic Airlines & Kubrick, was the inception of "Trash Talk" in 2002. This novel gathers early sketches, clay figures, and dolls created over the course of four years.

The narrative of "Trash Talk" unfolds in a world overwhelmed by waste. Its inhabitants survive by scavenging from the debris that rains down from the sky. Their existence hinges on consuming whatever scraps they can salvage from the heaps of trash that surround them.

   TRASH TALK 2006
First project 
2006 ST/ART
Street art collective

The group exhibition "450/Sq.FT." @ idN was a significant milestone for Graphic Airlines. It was an honor for them to be part of the street art collective "ST/ART", which opened their eyes to the vibrant Hong Kong street art scene. This experience propelled Graphic Airlines into the heart of the Hong Kong street art community, marking a pivotal moment in their artistic journey.

2007 On stage
Cut & Paste HK Tournament 

During a live digital design tournament in the USA, 8 designers reached the final stage, tasked with completing their artwork within a tight 15-minute timeframe.


Tat emerged victorious after three intense rounds, making for a nerve-wracking yet exhilarating night filled with excitement and fun.