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KAPPA NINJA - 4in1 Set

KAPPA NINJA - 4in1 Set




Pre-order (Time: 2-3weeks)

Hand painting special version

4 in 1 Set






Once a carefree river sprite frolicking in the heart of nature, the kappa has recently developed an unexpected fondness for indulging in pizzas.


About: KAPPA

Birthplace: Located within the bountiful Fatty River Basin.

Length: Reaching 1 to 3 feet when mature.

Disposition: It's a serene soul, loving to embrace boulders 🪨 and luxuriate in water for an entire day.


This chubby river child is our second creation in the realm of Sofubi artistry.

This character, KAPPA, leaped into existence during the lunar cycle of 2019, in a magnificent exhibition titled "Beautiful Isle," thriving amidst Vi's abundant collection of ink-wrought masterpieces.



We accept PayPal (Worldwide)

DM for Payme / FPS (Hong Kong)

lead time: 3 /4 weeks
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