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DADA & NANA (#003 Feibie)

DADA & NANA (#003 Feibie)


DaDa & NaNa colourway #03 Feibie

size 7" tall




"Hi DaDa💖" "Hi Nana💖"

"🪩Every Nite is GAL’s Night🪩" - a charming rendezvous with DaDa & NaNa 🌸🦄.


🎨This #3 legendary colorway "Feibie", elegantly spreading its arms, revealing scenes of colorful symphony.


💎DaDa & NaNa, with their fashionable and charming styles, once again add brilliance to the glamorous party. Tonight, they gracefully enter the event with their beloved GG pink pouch, eternal accessories that adorn their outfits. With the call of the dance floor, their unique style and moves unfold like a fairy tale, dazzlingly reflecting across the entire dance floor.💃🏼💃🏼


💖Inspiration from "Barbie," Ah Fei's eye makeup is filled with nostalgic feelings, borrowing the vibrant color palette of the classic Barbie doll. The gorgeous pink tones are immersed in this new aesthetic, undergoing a transformative and radiant rebirth.✨✨✨



DaDa & NaNa are a pair of reptilian girls with two heads, appearing cold and ruthless on the outside but harboring a deep passion for fashion within.



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lead time : 3/4 weeks
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