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Welcome to the creative world of Graphic Airlines, an artist duo comprising Tat and Vi from Hong Kong who have been soaring through the skies of creativity since 2002. With no boundaries to hold them back, they explore their unique aesthetics through a multitude of mediums including graphic design, street art, painting, sculpture, installation and animation, crossing over into different realms such as fashion, music, brands and school workshops.


Their iconic character, "Ar Fei", with its big cheeks and ever-changing form like clouds, is a product of Vi's street art. Graphic Airlines has exhibited their works all around the world, from Paris to New York, Berlin to Tokyo, Shanghai to Taipei, and have collaborated with brands such as agnès b, SPORT b, Adidas, Nike and k11musea, among others.


With a boundless spirit, Graphic Airlines invites you to join them on their creative journey. So, fasten your seatbelts, and enjoy the ride! Visit their website at and get ready for take-off!

歡迎來到Graphic Airlines的創意世界,這是由香港Tat和Vi組成的藝術家二人組,自2002年以來一直在創意的天空中飛翔。沒有任何限制束縛他們,他們透過多種媒介,包括平面設計、塗鴉、繪畫、雕塑、裝置藝術和動畫等來探索他們獨特的美學,並跨足不同的領域,如時尚、音樂、品牌和學校工作坊等。


他們的標誌性角色“Ar Fei”是Vi街頭藝術的產物,其大大的臉頰和不斷變化的形態如同雲朵一般。Graphic Airlines的作品在世界各地展出,從巴黎到紐約,從柏林到東京,從上海到台北,並與agnès b、SPORT b、Adidas、Nike和k11musea等品牌合作。


憑藉無限的創造力和精神,Graphic Airlines邀請您加入他們的創意旅程。所以,系好安全帶,享受這次旅程吧!





Vi is a graduate of the Creative Media program at Hong Kong City University, with a major in computer animation. Although she never intended to pursue drawing, she stumbled into the world of design and discovered a newfound passion for creating. Now, she hopes to continue doing what she loves.

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A graphic designer, illustrator, street artist.Tat try to create a space where he could freely express his creativity. Through his creations, you may discover messages that reflect this pursuit of personal freedom.

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"No Boundary"

The fat face with big cheeks "Ar Fei” is one the iconic character from Vi's dream, she try to put "Ar Fei " in different media to express her inspiration from her life, from her dream, the characters are usually a reflection of the creator. 

Ar Fei

The journey of

Graphic Airlines


Tat & Vi met up while they work in a newspaper company, and Tat started  up the website Graphic Airlines to share his graphic art and Vi's drawing after his full time job

Graphic Airlines Website

G.A.'s first novel, publish by graphicairlines & kubrick.

They initiated the creation of Trash Talk in 2002. That collects some of the early sketches, clay figures, dolls, throughout these 4 years .

The story of Trash Talk is about a world full of trash. The creatures living there rely their livings on trash falling off from the sky. They can only maintain their lives by feeding on anything they can find from among the trash around them...


   TRASH TALK 2006
First project