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GRAPHIC AIRLINES is a creative team consist​​s of 2 people Tat & Vi, since 2002.

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This iconic character with big cheek is

Ar Fei


 "Ar Fei”  has no specific form, keeps changing & growing.

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Create without boundary is Graphic Airlines's mojo.

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We would love to share our creations to the world.

We had exhibited all over the world,such as

 Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, Taipei...

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Collaborating with different brands like agnès b, Nike, K11musea...

to share our inspirations.

Designer and illustrator. We are hard to find real freedom in our life, we are not controlled by myself. So he established Graphicairlines at least for finding his own free creative space. For his creations, you might find some of these messages.

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from Creative Media program at Hong Kong City University, major in computer animation. Without a thought of doing drawing herself, she accidentally stepped into the world of design, but surprisingly feels so good with creating. she hopes to continue doing what she enjoys.

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What is  Graphicairlines?

Graphic Airlines is a artist duo Tat 🤓🙌🏻& Vi👧👊🏻 from Hong Kong.

Our Aim is “No boundries”✈️ & “Enjoy the voyage!”


Cute we are not. The characters created by artist duo Graphic Airlines celebrate the "aesthetics of ugliness". Tat & Vi joined force in 2002 and have since become stalwarts in Hong Kong's burgeoning street art scene. Apart from publishing and exhibiting their work since 2006.


Why this name?


Doing creative work freely, enjoying the voyages of life and creation, flying to different realms of creativity are what we hope for, as the pleasure in it is irreplaceable.


Your team is composed of two people, who are you and what is your artistic career?


Graphic Airlines was established in 2002. At that time Tat worked as a designer for a newspaper company. However, since creativity was rather limited, he created a website – graphicairlines - for himself to publish his own work. Later, Vi found this design platform, so she then started publishing her own illustrations on it.

And this was the beginning of the Graphicairlines, our aim is to ‘Enjoy the Voyage’ – don’t worry about the results, just enjoy the process of creating.